Corps Officer/Pastor 
Captain Daryl Mangeri

Captains Daryl & Cherie Mangeri  are in their first appointment. Daryl graduated from Cleveland State University majoring in elementary education.  Spending his summers working at a water park eventually led to a management position in the amusement industry.  His passion for serving those in need began as a Christian Education Director for The Salvation Army in Painesville, OH, followed by positions as Youth Outreach Pastor in Lakeland, FL and Operations Director in Akron, OH.  Daryl enjoys running, reading and spending time with his family.

Corps Officer/Pastor
Captain Cherie Mangeri

Captain Cherie Mangeri graduated with a bachelor of science degree from Kent State University concentrating in commercial recreation and business management.  She worked in tourism, home care, public schools and held various positions within The Salvation Army.  She is an experienced swimmer, skier, and kayaker.  Captain Cherie enjoys horseback riding and time with her family. 


Development Director
Abby E. Block, CNP

Volunteer Coordinator 
Carrye Jo Cony

Operations Director
James Whipple

Human Resources/Accounting Assistant
Sally Brouwer

Corps Administrative Assistant
Connie Drescher

Administrative Assistant
Jessica Orozco                                                         

Day Care

Day Care Director
Melissa Griffin                                                      

Family Store

Family Store Assistant Manager
Paul Marti                                                                 

Social Services

Social Services Director
Hun Chan Ho

Social Services Case Worker
Krysta Hoffmann

Social Services Case Worker
Anna Verhulst

General Needs Case Worker
Jane Marotz