Celebrating 120 Years of Service in Sheboygan

The Salvation Army celebrated 120 years of service in Sheboygan with a glorious community concert at the Weill Center for the Performing Art on March 19, 2016. Over 400 were in attendance, including previous and present officers, volunteers, clients, church members and the community. The Chicago Staff Band performed traditional hymns and brass band favorites, and was joined by the Sheboygan Pops Concert Band. The WUM Divisonal Band and Youth Band also shared their joyful music.  View photos

Worship service and lunch reception on March 20, 2016 celebrating 120 years of service in Sheboygan. Thank you to special guests Colonels Jeffrey & Dorothy Smith, Majors Dan & Dorene Jennings, the Chicago Staff Band, and Mayor Mike Vandersteen. View photos.

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